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As a transfer student, you’ll quickly discover that creating opportunities for your smooth transition to Northland is our top priority. Our transfer admissions specialists and academic counselors understand this is an important move for you and will do everything possible to make your transition as easy as possible.

Transfer Student Checklist

  1. Complete and submit your Northland online application.
  2. Send an official copy of your high school transcript or GED directly to Northland.
  3. If you received any Advanced Placement or college credit while still in high school, find out from your high school counselor which college granted those credits and request an official transcript from that college. (We can not grant college credit for a course that is on a high school transcript, even though it was taken as a college course. It must be on a college transcript. )
  4. If you were granted any special certificates that you think may be equivalent to college credits, bring the original certificates, licenses, or cards with you. This could include, but is not limited to; Tech Prep, C.N.A., First Aid/CPR for Health Care Providers, EMT-B, & LPN.
  5. Students transferring credit from another institution to Northland Community & Technical College must request an official transcript of their grades be sent to the admissions office at the appropriate campus for evaluation. Request an official copy of the transcripts from every college or university you have attended be sent to the campus of your choice. Northland is able to access a student’s transcript from other Minnesota State Colleges and Universities through e-transcript, provided the student does not have any outstanding financial obligations to that college or university. (The University of Minnesota and private colleges within the state are not part of the Minnesota State Colleges and University system. View a listing of colleges that are a part of the Minnesota State College and Universities system.) After the initial evaluation, if you continued taking courses at the transfer institution, you need to complete the “E-transcript Retrieval Form” and turn it in to Student Services for a second evaluation. Accepting credits from institutions outside of the United States will be based on an evaluation of the credits by an international evaluating agency, such as WES ( or ECE ( It is the student’s responsibility to have the evaluation completed and submitted to Northland. Credits may be accepted as they pertain to the student’s program of choice at Northland.
  6. If you have served in the military, credits will be evaluated when the college receives a transcript from the American Council on Education (ACE) from the appropriate service branch. Transcripts can be ordered from For more information or assistance, please contact a Transfer Specialist on either campus.
  7. Your credits will be evaluated by a Transfer Specialist on your Northland campus of choice after all your official transcripts have been received.
  8. Courses will transfer to Northland if:
    • A) You received a “D” grade or better, andB) Are from a regionally accredited college or university.
    This means that all courses that fulfill the above criteria will transfer into Northland and will show up on your Northland transcript. No report will be mailed to you. After you have been accepted and registered for classes, you will be able to view your transfer credits through the student registration window and will also be included in your DARS audit.

    Please Note: Transfer credits may or may not apply to specific program requirements because of grade requirements, time limits, etc.
  9. Credits from non-regionally accredited institutions may be accepted. A student may be required to provide documentation prior to credits being accepted or other decisions being made on transfer issues. (Refer to Transfer of Credit Procedure 3120P for more specific information.)