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CHS Costs

Earn college credits at Northland at no cost.

There is no cost to you! Northland has a contract with your school district, which covers the details of the financial arrangement between your high school and Northland. Nearly all the funding for College in the High School is allocated through the public education budget in Minnesota. Your high school, reimbursed by this allocation, pays Northland a fee for a CHS course to take place at the high school.

Policies vary among school districts concerning the cost of textbooks. In all of the CHS agreements currently in place with Northland, books are provided for you by your high school. That’s great – but it also means you need to return them after you’re done with the course.

The only cost to you is the price of any supplies or materials required for the course that ends up being owned by you after the course is completed. An example would be a particular calculator for a math course or art supplies for a painting course. Most concurrent enrollment courses currently offered by Northland do not have these requirements, but it could occur.