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Telling Northland’s Story

Together, we build and protect the brand, enhance reputation, and inspire choice for Northland.

Project Request Form

We provide various levels of service to campus partners. To start a conversation, please complete the Project Request Form.

Trademarks & Licensing

Trademarks & Licensing manages the proper use of Northland’s brand elements.

Brand Standards & Guidelines

Brand standards ensure we are visually uniformly communicating to our core audiences.

Templates & Tools

Templates and tools to put the College’s visual identity into practice for your communication, event, and presentation needs.

Forms & Policies

Guidance for ensuring the College efficiently leverages its marketing and branding investments at all levels and areas.

Public Photo Library

Imagery is a powerful resource to tell the Northland story. The campus has access to an online public photo library.

Ordering Apparel and Promotional Items Using Northland Trademarks

Any products bearing Northland (academic or athletic) trademarks, images, indica, or other references to Northland or Pioneers must be purchased from a licensed vendor.

Northland News

The latest news and press.

Northland News delivers timely, trustworthy news to connect you to Northland’s impact on the world, offering exclusive coverage of developments on and around campus, including Pioneers sports.

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