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About CHS

College in the High School offers challenging, engaging courses to eligible high school students throughout Northwest Minnesota. Your College in the High School courses are the same courses that are taught on-campus at Northland.

Through CHS, qualified students like you can earn college credit prior to high school graduation. It gives you a head start on your college career before you even leave high school. CHS differs from other pre-college credit programs in that your own high school instructors teach you the college courses during your normal school day, at your own high school. You don’t need to come to the Northland campuses to take the class.

What CHS is not

Although some CHS courses may have some elements or characteristics of the programs stated below, CHS courses are NOT the same as these programs:

  • Programs like Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) in which you travel to the college campus to take courses prior to graduation during the academic year or during the summer. You are in courses with other college students, and they are taught by instructors that normally teach other courses at the college. This can be confusing, because to take a concurrent enrollment course, you need to use the PSEO student application.
  • Programs in which college faculty travel to the high school to teach courses to the high school students.
  • The College Board Advanced Placement (AP) program and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, where you take the course at your own high school, then take a standardized test to assess your knowledge of a curriculum developed by a committee consisting of both college and high school teachers.