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Find your next star hire

Northland is your connection to recruiting students and alumni interested in finding employment. We want to support you in your efforts to share your opportunities, connect with students in meaningful ways, and ultimately hire our students.

Let’s work together!

Our partnerships with employers like you offer great opportunities for Northland students and are a valuable resource for the college. Enhance your visibility and strengthen your recruitment efforts with Northland’s employer tools and services.

Handshake for Employers

Employers are encouraged to post jobs for students and alumni in Handshake free of charge. Once posted students and alumni may submit a resume through Handshake.

Why hire a Pioneer?

The right talent makes all the difference—and Northland has it. Our Pioneers are not only smart and creative but also exceptional problem solvers and storytellers. With their grit, perseverance, and passion for making a positive impact, they are eager to bring their dedication and skills right to your front door.

Northland enrolls over 3,000 students and offers more than 80 academic programs to meet your recruitment needs. We are dedicated to fostering academic excellence, developing professional skills, promoting effective communication, and nurturing problem-solving abilities. As a result, our success has been nationally recognized by publications such as WalletHub, ranking Northland among the top two-year colleges in the country for delivering the best education at the most affordable price.

Northland students pursue a wide range of academic disciplines taught by faculty members committed to delivering high-quality education.

As a premier community and technical college in the state of Minnesota, Northland is at the leading edge of workforce training and academic talent. Our students are diverse, experienced, hardworking, and academically talented. With over 3,000 students and thousands of proud Pioneer alumni, Northland can serve as your first destination to recruit the most talented candidates.

Recruiting Guidelines & Policies

We are committed to maintaining a safe and effective recruiting environment for employers and candidates.

  • Nondiscrimination Compliance: All employers and individuals must adhere to Minnesota State nondiscrimination policies and all applicable equal opportunity laws. Minnesota State policies regarding nondiscrimination
  • Registration Requirement: Employers must be registered users to access Career Center services. You may request an employer account, but please review Handshake’s Terms of Service.
  • Agreement to Terms: By logging in, employers agree to Northland’s terms and conditions for using our online recruiting system.
  • Complete Contact Information: Employers must provide accurate and complete contact information when registering. This includes a valid email address and phone number to ensure direct communication. Job postings must include a detailed description of the work involved.
  • Account Responsibility: The employer contact person is responsible for the security and distribution of their username and password. Misuse will result in access being revoked.
  • Prohibited Practices: Employers who require candidates to purchase products or charge fees for employment services will not be granted access.
  • Private Household Restrictions: Private households or individuals will not be accepted to ensure safety. For such services, consider alternative sites like and Joshin.
  • Confidentiality of Candidate Information: Employers must use candidate information solely for their own hiring purposes and not distribute it to any other entity.
  • Complaint Review: The Career Center staff will review complaints about employers or job postings. If justified, services may be denied to the employer involved.
  • Compliance and Access: Failure to comply with these terms may result in access being discontinued. Reasons for discontinuation include but are not limited to, invalid email addresses, inappropriate messaging, fraudulent activity, or other issues deemed unacceptable by the Career Center executive director.