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Liberal Arts Transfer

This Associate of Arts (AA) Liberal Arts program is designed for transfer. The AA Liberal Arts program is 60 credit program consisting of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and requires you to complete ten different goal areas of study. View our complete listing of the 10 goal areas of study transfer courses and the degree requirements, or you can pick up a copy of this list in the Student Services area.

All public colleges and universities in Minnesota accept the completed Minnesota Transfer Curriculum as meeting lower general education requirements. You may be considered a Junior when you start at the Minnesota public college or university of your choice. Generally, 60 credits are the first two years of a four-year degree.

General Education Transfer Courses

If you are transferring into an Associate of Applied Science, (AAS), degree in Health, Trades, Business, or Technology, the program itself may only use certain courses transferred. Due to the limited number of General Education courses that AAS degrees require, the programs tend to be very prescriptive in choosing the General Education courses that they will accept. However, some programs do allow for course substitutions.

Also, some of the programs require that science, math, and/or technology courses have a limit on the number of years that they will accept them for credit. Seven years or less is the average requirement. There may be exceptions to this time limitation. Please refer to the particular program advisor, program handbook, or Transfer Specialist to determine if a time limit is in place.

Technical Transfer Courses

If some or all of the courses you wish to transfer are of specialized content, it may take longer for the evaluation of those credits. It may be determined, that because of the specialized contents and/or skills related to those courses, the course may not be equivalent to those of your chosen program.

This is the area where possibly many or all of your credits do not transfer, and this can sometimes lead to misunderstanding about the transfer process. All program-related coursework is reviewed by the Transfer Specialist and the program director for applicable content.

A student may appeal decisions regarding the Transfer of Credit policy or procedure.