Northland has course delivery methods that include face-to-face and virtual options for greater student flexibility. Virtual options may use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other technologies. To access online and virtual courses, students should have regular access to a computer, webcam, and a reliable internet connection.

Course Delivery Methods

Please review the descriptions of course delivery methods below. Not every course is offered in each delivery method, so please check the Delivery Method column on the course schedule for details. Click on the course title to see important notes about the delivery methods, meeting information, etc.

Six delivery methods, find the one that’s right for you!

Northland offers multiple options when taking courses, allowing you to choose the delivery method that accommodates your goals and learning style.

  • In-Person
    All course meetings are on campus.
  • Video Conferencing
    Traditional on-campus classes that meet in person on multiple campuses. Instruction will be delivered virtually on one or more sites.
  • Blended/Hybrid
    25-50% of instruction is online (asynchronous) with regularly-scheduled, mandatory, in-person meetings.
  • HyFlex
    The instructor will teach from the classroom or live virtually. Students may attend the course in person or live virtually. Click on the course title to see the course attendance policy, course recording information, and instructor location.
  • Online Synchronous
    The instructor will teach live virtually. All instruction is delivered online with required real-time (synchronous) meeting days/times listed in the schedule. Students attend virtually.
  • Online Asynchronous
    All instruction is delivered online with no required scheduled meetings or attendance. Students complete coursework by accessing instructional materials online.