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Required Courses

Course No. Course Name Credits
#PN13 Practical Nursing credits 13
NURS 2110 Health Assess-Prof Skills 3
NURS 2121 Psychosocial Integrity 2
NURS 2123 Nursing Interventions I 3
NURS 2125 Clinical I 4
NURS 2131 Nursing Interventions II 3
NURS 2133 Professional Role 2
NURS 2135 Clinical II 4
BIOL 2221 Microbiology 3
BIOL 2260 Anatomy and Phys I 4
BIOL 2262 Anatomy and Phys II 4
CHEM 2205 Survey Gen-Org-Bio Chm 4
ENGL 1111 Composition I 3
PSYC 2201 Developmental Psychology 3
SPCH 1101 Intro to Public Speaking 3
G5: History/Social Elec See elective course options listed below 3
G6: Human/Fine Arts Elec See elective course options listed below 3
Total Credits 64

Program Elective Course Options


For this particular pathway, NCTC recommends a student explore further coursework in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum areas listed below. Need help? Schedule an appointment with a Northland Academic Advisor for assistance in selecting courses.

G5: History/Social Science Electives

Course No. Course Name Credits
ANTH 2202 Cultural Anthropology 3
PSYC 2215 Abnormal Psychology 3
SOCI 1101 Intro to Sociology 3

G6: Humanities/Fine Arts Electives

Course No. Course Name Credits
PHIL 1102 Intro to Ethics 3
PHIL 2210 Morals and Medicine 3
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