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Meet Our Faculty

At Northland, you will receive an education from instructors who not only care about your individual success but have the qualifications to prepare you for your future career. In addition to years of experience in the field, Northland’s instructors maintain connections to the industry. So you know that you’re receiving an education using the most current technology and learning the skills that will prepare you for success the moment that you walk across the stage to graduate. 

Photo of Kari Koenig

Kari Koenig

Associate Degree (RN) Nursing Program Director

  • 218.793.2524
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Laura Dvergsten

AD Nursing Instructor

  • 218.793.2533
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Frieda Larson

Adjunct Nursing Instructor

  • 218.793.2527
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Mei Sather

AD Mobility Program Instructor

  • 218.683.8739
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Candace Seyfried

AD Mobility Program Instructor

  • 218.793.2563