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Events Calendar Instructions

Use the Northland Events Calendar to promote and share college events with the public and college community members.

The Northland events calendar is designed to promote and share college events that are relevant to the college community. Event owners must submit their events to the Northland calendar before receiving any promotion assistance from Marketing & Communications. Please note that all submitted information will be reviewed before being published on the Northland website.

Event listings will be displayed on the appropriate website(s) based on the tags selected during event submission.

Who Can Post to the Northland Events Calendar

All Northland employees and students can submit events to the Northland calendar.

  • Academic lectures
  • Student organization-sponsored social events open to others
  • Northland Pioneers athletic events
  • Career fairs on campus or sponsored by a Northland department
  • Admissions events, campus tours, department open houses
  • College music/theater performances
  • Major community events

  • Non-college social gathering
  • Sale or special event by a local business
  • Events promoting alcohol use

Northland reserves the right to reject or remove, without notification, any listing featuring objectionable content, imagery, or subject matter such as hate speech, pornographic content, content encouraging dangerous behavior, or content not in line with college standards of conduct for students, faculty and staff. Review of content is executed by the college, with respect given to the right to academic freedom and the freedom of thought.

How to Post Events to the Northland Calendar

Follow these steps to add an event to the Northland events calendar:

  1. Step 1

If you have a revision to a previously submitted event, email

About Filters, Widgets, and Keywords

Submission Deadlines

To ensure maximum exposure for event listings, please submit the listing at least two weeks ahead of the event date. This allows time for review and posting. Calendar submissions may take 2 business days to be approved.

Efforts will be made to promote events submitted after this two-week window, but no guarantees are made regarding the inclusion of such events.

Calendar Image Guidelines

All events should have a unique photograph to boost visibility across the Northland website. Do not use an image or PDF with event details (time, date, location) because this content will be searchable on your event listing. Use the Marketing and Communications photo library if you do not have your own photography.

Acceptable Calendar Images

Unacceptable Calendar Images