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Design templates, tools, and stationery items to put Northland’s visual identity into practice for your department’s communication, event, and presentation needs.

Northland’s Brand Center is frequently expanded to meet the needs of our community, which creates various materials and experiences for our audiences. Brand Center is revised to reflect changing industry best practices, Northland processes, and policies.

Always reference as your source for the most current standards, tools, and resources.

Logos & Wordmarks

Northland is represented by several official logos and marks. The graphics in this logo system must be used in accordance with the Northland Brand Standards Guidelines.

Official Documents & Tools

College letterhead is available in digital and printed formats. All printed correspondence intended to be viewed by external audiences should use professionally printed letterhead.

Email is our most common form of day-to-day communication and personal means of conveying our brand. Whether we are communicating with prospective students, donors, business partners, colleagues at other colleges or each other, we must make an effort to strike the appropriate balance between function and personality when crafting a digital signature.

From agendas to event programs, these templates can be used to create a variety of Northland-branded communication documents.

Along with the formats stated below, Northland should have contact information for the person to whom complaints of discrimination/harassment should be directed.

Grab-and-Go Templates

Grab-and-go resources are an easy way to incorporate brand creative and messaging into your communications. These tools are ready-to-use throughout your projects without the need for custom design work.

Northland branded fillable PDF cover sheet templates allow you to create branded presentations using elements from the new visual identity system.

Faculty, staff, students, and alumni can display their Northland spirit with these downloadable designs for your desktop, laptop, and phone.

These PowerPoint templates can be used to create Northland-branded presentations. The template contains a number of master slides for different types of presentation slides, as well as examples and recommendations for color and typography.

Northland branded signage and flyer templates allows employees to create branded promotions using elements from the new visual identity system.

Templates that contain another design styling than the official letterhead. These are not replacements for official Northland letterhead business papers but can be used for various communication purposes.

Transform your kitchen or living room and show your Pioneer pride by adding a virtual background to your Zoom calls. Marketing and Communications has created a variety of Northland-branded Zoom virtual backgrounds to bring a little of Northland home to your virtual calls.


A popular tool now offered by Northland, Canva is a design platform that helps to create presentations, infographics, posters, and more. Request access to Canvas templates, and work with Marketing and Communications to build out your brand identity in colorful and creative ways!

Tools & Resources

Marketing & Communications captures new photography and maintains a database containing thousands of photos from the past several years.

Made to Order

The standardized business card format must be used by those the College employs—Marketing & Communications designs all Northland business cards from brand-approved templates to ensure consistency.

When you represent Northland, we want you to look your best. These name badges will help you carry the Northland brand wherever you go.

To accommodate additional correspondence needs with prospects, recruits, parents, and industry and community partners, a variety of custom-designed, branded note cards are available. There are two options for note cards to complement your College stationery set; general college or Pioneers athletics. Both are great for sending quick personal notes.