Lovly, David

David Lovly

Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Coordinator


David has had the opportunity to serve as a Deputy for the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office, and most recently a member of the Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force. David has also had opportunities to work for the Minnesota Department of Corrections as a Corrections Officer at the Minnesota state prison in Moose Lake and a Park Ranger for the Minnesota DNR.

David has had the opportunity to work alongside skilled officers and investigators in homicide investigations, drug related crimes and violent crimes. David is committed to sharing the knowledge and experience he has learned through out his career as it applies both to job based performance and the mental health experiences an individual faces while choosing a career in law enforcement.

David also knows that we are in a pivotal time within the law enforcement community in which adaption to the world we live in needs to take place. We must implement respect, but yet, equip new officers with the ability to be confident and safe once they leave our college as well an understanding on how to deal with stressful circumstances. Northland has provided recruitment of local law enforcement personnel for several years. David has also had the privilege to work alongside Northland graduates and also provide instruction to Northland law enforcement students as a use of force instructor. David knows that we must maintain the highest standard of our criminal justice students to provide the best for our communities.

What David has learned throughout his career is that no matter what challenges we may face, we must overcome our mistakes and do what is best for those around us, as well as ourselves. David encourages a hands on approach through teaching and providing the very best education for our Northland students.


Academics – Law & Public Safety Programs

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Thief River Falls