Program Details

Complete these program requirements to earn a Phlebotomy Certificate at Northland.

Program Requirements

  1. Students must complete the Phlebotomy program application.
  2. Students who have completed BIOL 2260 and BIOL 2262 may substitute both courses for BIOL 1004.
  3. Students must have current working knowledge of required sciences. Courses older than 5 years may not be accepted for transfer into the program: BIOL 1004 and HLTH 1106.
  4. All requirements for graduation, including BIOL 1004, CRLT 2103, HLTH 1106, HLTH 1108, SSCI 1101
    (a) must be completed prior to the start of PHLB 1106 or
    (b) must be currently enrolled within the same semester that the student enrolls in PHLB 1106 (please ensure that the schedule does not conflict with PHLB courses).
  5. No minimum Accuplacer score is required.
  6. PHLB 1104, PHLB 1105, and PHLB 1106 must be completed concurrently in the same semester. If a student does not pass one of these courses, they will need to retake them all the following year to complete the program.
  7. All required courses for the Phlebotomy Program must be completed with a grade of C or better.
  8. The NHA (National Healthcare Association) certification exam is given as part of the PHLB 1106 curriculum. Students must achieve a passing grade on this test to pass the course and complete the program.
  9. Completion and approval for clinical participation of the Minnesota Department of Humans Services Licensing Division Background Study and fingerprinting (cost is $10.50) prior to program entry. Completion and approval for clinical participation of a National Background Study through Castle Branch. Cost $45.75 first year, $26 second year (if needed).
  10. Completion of the College Health Screening & Immunization information requirements through Castle Branch (cost $45) prior to enrollment in PHLB 1104.
  11. Current CPR certification. CPR for Health Care Providers (American Heart Association) or CPR for Professional Rescuer (Red Cross) prior to entering PHLB 1106. Certification must be kept current for the duration of enrollment in this program.