Marketing & Communications

Northland has introduced an updated, forward-looking visual identity system to enhance and streamline how the College presents itself to the world.

Trademarks and Licensing

Trademarks and Licensing manages the proper use of Northland's (academic and athletic) name, logos and signature marks to protect the integrity of the College’s identity, brand and reputation.

Purchasing Products Using Northland Trademarks

How to Purchase Products Using Northland Trademarks

Templates and Stationery

Find design templates, guidelines and tools to help you effectively put Northland’s visual identity into practice for your communication, event, and presentation needs.


Business stationery is the largest, most frequent use of the Northland identity. Each piece of business stationery — letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and name badges — provides the opportunity to solidify the Northland brand. The College has a number of campuses, programs, and departments, so it is vital to maintain consistency in business stationery.

Email Signatures

Email is our most common form of day-to-day communication and therefore, one of the most visible ways we communicate with our audiences and each other. Clear, consistent email identification strengthens the Northland brand.

Business Documents

Agendas, cover sheets, styled Word documents, brochures and flyers.


Personal Release

All subjects whose image, video or voice will be used for marketing or promotional purposes — including print communications, video, web or social media — should complete and sign a personal release. Releases are the responsibility of the party creating the image. Releases should be retained for as long as the image is useable. Download Northland’s official personal release form below.