Tools & Help Resources

  • ORI 1001 01 D2L Orientation Course
    Log into D2L, click through the ORI 1001 01 D2L Orientation Course to become familiar with D2L tools before beginning an actual course.
  • Computer Requirements
    What computer requirements are required to use D2L?
  • Course Access
    Courses are accessible to students on the official start date of the course, unless the instructor has opened the course earlier. Student access to courses ends approximately ten days beyond the official end date of the course.
  • Course Content
    Displays information covered in the course. All materials located inside D2L courses are copyright protected. Violations of copyright laws are also violation of the NCTC Student Code of Conduct.
  • Chat
    Learn how to participate in a chat.
  • Checklist
    Displays important or required assignments, readings, projects, etc.
  • Classlist
    Identifies the instructor and other classmates.