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Registration for Fall 2024 classes is now open. You can register today!

Our summer classes are smaller and have condensed timeframes. We also have many online options and a wide array of offerings in many disciplines. Summer courses can help you catch up, get ahead, or explore a new interest.

Why choose Summer Semester?

If you are a student who wants to accelerate your coursework and graduate sooner, summer courses are an excellent way to achieve that goal. You can earn your degree sooner, enter the workforce faster, and jump-start your career. 

Graduate sooner.

Summer classes typically take only 4-8 weeks to complete, allowing you to earn more credits in a shorter amount of time. By taking classes in the summer, you can have a more engaged learning experience with personalized attention from instructors and be on the fast track to graduation.

Catch up or get back on track.

Summer classes are an ideal way to fulfill course requirements quickly and efficiently. It’s also an excellent opportunity to retake any challenging classes where you’d like to earn a higher grade. Better grades mean a higher GPA and a better resume.

Classes that fit your needs.

You’ll receive more personalized attention and complete the class faster with smaller class sizes. These smaller class sizes also mean more personal interaction with instructors and classmates. Check out the dates, times and other summer class details to see how Northland’s Summer Semester can fit into your schedule.

Ready to accelerate your education?

Learn more about our summer course offerings or register online today.