Our friendly staff is here to help you be successful at Northland and beyond.

Photo of Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson

Director of Academic Success Center

  • 218.683.8560
Photo of Chris Fossum

Chris Fossum

Accommodations Specialist

  • 218.683.8564
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Jennifer Borsvold

English and Humanities Tutor / Assessment Coordinator

  • 218.683.8541
Photo of Cory Floden

Cory Floden

English, Humanities, and Science Tutor / Professional Tutor

  • 218.793.2446
Photo of Lisa Heichel

Lisa Heichel

Math & Science Tutor

  • 218.793.2457
Photo of Ethan Peterson

Ethan Peterson

Math & Science Tutor

  • 218.683.8563
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Diane Dahle

Accounting & Business Tutor

  • 218.793.2427