Accuplacer Assessment Test

Course Placement

Northland will determine course placement by:

  • Scores from ACT, SAT and/or Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA)
  • High school GPA for students who have graduated from high school within the last ten years. Without an official high school transcript, self-reported high school GPA may be submitted to
  • Completion of college-level coursework from an accredited college or university
  • Accuplacer assessment
  • Guided self-placement with an academic advisor will be used for students who have earned a GED, graduated from high school more than ten years ago, or have no other means of course placement. Having your GED test results available during the meeting with an academic advisor is recommended.

See Northland’s Assessment for Course Placement Procedure (3340P) for more information.

Preparing for Accuplacer

Accuplacer is an adaptive, internet-based assessment. As you answer each individual question, the computer will provide another question best suited to your ability. Therefore, it is important to take as much time as needed to be confident in your answer. Calculators are provided by the assessment and allowed on select questions, but students are not allowed to bring their own calculators.

Northland uses the following modules: Reading (R)Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF)Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS), and Arithmetic (ARTH).

The free online Accuplacer study app gives you access to Accuplacer practice materials anytime, anywhere. You may also click on the links below to print a paper copy of the Accuplacer.

Minimum ACT/SAT/MCA Scores

Reading21ERW 4801047
English18ERW 480N/A
Mathematics22530College Algebra: 1158
Statistics: 1148
Contemporary Math: 1150

ACT, SAT, and MCA test scores are valid for a limited time of five (5) calendar years, inclusive of the current calendar year.

Accuplacer Expiration Period

AreaExpirationContinuous Enrollment Expiraton
Reading5 years5 years
Mathematics2 years3 years

Testing Options

1. Schedule your Accuplacer assessment test online at one of our campus locations.

2. Use the contact information below to request a Remote Test Voucher.

Jennifer Borsvold, Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 218-683-8541

If a distance student is unable to test in Minnesota, please contact the Testing Coordinator, Jennifer Borsvold.

Testing Accommodations

If you need accommodations for your Accuplacer assessment, please contact:

Sara Johnson, Director of Academic Success
Phone: 218-683-8560

What to Expect on Test Day

Arrive to campus early with a current, official government-issued photo ID. Students will not be allowed to test if they do not have a physical, valid copy of their ID in hand, due to Accuplacer requirements.

Acceptable forms of photo identification with current name.

  • Current (unexpired) driver’s license
  • State-approved ID
  • Current passport
  • Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
  • Current state or federal ID (military)
  • Current other state-issued driver’s license/ID card
  • Middle school/high school/college photo ID
  • Tribal ID

Check-in at Student Services (the front desk area) to be directed to the testing area.

The average time to complete the test is 2-2.5 hours.

After completing the assessment, you can meet with an academic advisor to register for classes. After registering for classes, a student ID card can be issued.


First Retake$10.00 or free if taken after remediation and a three-day preparatory period.Review scores with Academic Success Center for advisement prior to retake.
Second Retake$10.00 or free if taken after remediation and a three-day preparatory period.$10.00 or free if taken after remediation and a three-day preparatory period.