Emergency Information & Planning

The Northland Emergency Information & Planning site is intended to assist employees and students in finding information during an emergency.

Wireless Emergency Notifications

Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS), a free Northland emergency notification system, makes it possible for students and employees to receive notice – by cell phone and/or e-mail – of campus-related emergencies that threaten life safety or severely impact campus operations.

To register, fill in your cell phone number(s) and/or your personal e-mail address(es). You may also provide additional numbers and/or addresses if you would want significant others to be aware of the situation. When you register you will receive a confirming message. If you ever want to cancel the service, simply follow the same process and remove your data.

Staying Informed. Stay Safe.

In an emergency, WENS will send a text message to the cell number(s) and/or e-mail address(es) you provide. Notifications identified as “WENS” messages will note the nature of the emergency, what action, if any, you are to take, and where to find more information. WENS also will let you know if campus is closed or if classes are delayed or cancelled.

WENS notification is in addition to any message Northland College sends to all Northland e-mail addresses when there is an emergency. Depending on the nature and severity of the emergency, other mechanisms may include alerts on the Northland College Web site and voicemail messages on campus phones. In emergency situations, an important resource for information is always the Northland College emergency Web site at www.northlandcollege.edu/emergency.

Register for Wireless Emergency Notifications

The Northland Wireless Emergency Notifications System (WENS) is an emergency notification system that makes it possible for students and employees to receive quick notification (by cell phone and/or e-mail) of campus-related emergencies.

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