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Immunizations & Health Screening

Healthcare workers are required to keep their immunizations up-to-date, and students preparing for those professions must also comply!

Students enrolled in a Health and Human Services Program (HHSP) at Northland Community & Technical College participate in clinical training experiences as an essential part of their studies. Clinical training includes performing direct patient care through participation in clinical experiences at affiliated hospitals and other healthcare institutions in the region.

To protect the health of students, patients, employees, and others, and to comply with standards established by the affiliated healthcare providers, the College requires all students enrolled in a HHSP to provide dates of current immunization against certain vaccine-preventable diseases, and the date and results of current tuberculosis (TB) screening before the student is eligible to participate in clinical training unless an exception applies.

Health and Human Services students must comply with both Minnesota law and clinical facility requirements related to immunization and testing.

Students are NOT allowed to participate in clinical education experiences without documentation of COMPLETED program immunization requirements.

Please Note

Students must keep written documentation for all immunization and additional clinical requirements – You may be asked to provide this documentation at any time while enrolled as a Northland student. Students unable to provide written documentation upon request will NOT be allowed to participate in clinical education experiences.

Students should not delay completing their immunizations; some take 4-6 months to complete.

Community Sites for Immunizations & Immunization Information

  • MN Polk County Health – (218) 281-3385
  • MN Pennington County Health – (218) 681-0876
  • ND Grand Forks Public Health – (701) 787-8100

Grand Forks Public Health Department Immunizations