Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Credits: 74
  • Degree Type: A.A.S.
  • Location: East Grand Forks

Program Overview

Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) work under the direction and supervision of a Physical Therapist. PTA's perform various physical therapy services specified in the plan of care developed by the Physical Therapist. These services include data collection, treating patients with exercise and other treatment procedures, administering physical agents/modalities, and reporting patient responses to the Physical Therapist. The curriculum consists of: basic science coursework, technical coursework, including laboratory activities and practice, and clinical education experiences in a variety of healthcare settings.

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Employment Information

PTA's are employed in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, physical therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, pediatric facilities, home health agencies, schools, and long-term care facilities.

Career Outlook

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Program Course Listings

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
HLTH 1106 Medical Terminology 2
PTAS 1101 Introduction to PTA 3
PTAS 1105 Fundamentals of PTA 4
PTAS 1108 PTA Pathophysiology 2
PTAS 1110 Physical Agents 4
PTAS 1114 Clinical Kinesiology 3
PTAS 1116 Therapeutic Exercise I 2
PTAS 1120 Clinical Introduction 1
PTAS 1130 Clinical Education I 4
PTAS 2101 Orthopedics for PTA 2
PTAS 2105 Neurology for PTA 5
PTAS 2111 Therapeutic Exercise II 3
PTAS 2115 Advanced Techniques 4
PTAS 2125 PTA Ethics and Issues 2
PTAS 2140 Clinical Education II 5
PTAS 2150 Clinical Education III 5
PTAS 2160 Professional Integration 3
BIOL 2260 Anatomy & Phys I 4
BIOL 2262 Anatomy & Phys II 4
ENGL 1111 Composition I 3
PSYC 1105 Intro to Psychology 3
  G1: Communication Elec ( *See Elective Options Listed Below ) 3
  G4: Math/Logical Elective ( *See Elective Options Listed Below ) 3

Program Elective Course Options

For this particular pathway, NCTC recommends a student explore further coursework in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum areas listed below. Need help? Schedule an appointment with a Northland Academic Advisor for assistance in selecting courses.

Course # Course Name Credits
G1: Communications Electives
SPCH 1101 Intro to Public Speaking 3
SPCH 1103 Interpersonal Communicati 3
G4: Math/Logical Reasoning Electives
MATH 1106 Trigonometry 2
MATH 1110 College Algebra 3
MATH 1113 Pre-Calculus 5
MATH 1131 Applied Calculus 3
MATH 2203 Statistics 4
MATH 2231 Calculus I 4
MATH 2232 Calculus II 4
MATH 2233 Calculus III 4

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