Health Sciences Broad Field

  • Credits: 60
  • Degree Type: A.S.
  • Campus: East Grand Forks, Thief River Falls, Online

Program Overview

Northland's Health Sciences Broad Field Associate in Science program prepares students for transfer to a variety of health and human service related baccalaureate degree programs. Examples include, but are not limited to nursing, social work, nutrition, corrections, health education, and exercise science. This program positions a student for pursuit of these and other high demand health and human service careers.

The curriculum includes instruction in the basic sciences and aspects of the subject matter related to various health occupations. Students completing the Health Sciences Broad Field Associate in Science degree can take advantage of several statewide articulation agreements with Minnesota State Universities and should work with an advisor in identifying these opportunities. In addition, if a student were to decide prior to their final semester of enrollment that an Associate of Arts degree would better fit their transfer needs, they may be able to complete this degree by making minor changes to their curriculum.


Program Courses

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
ANTH 2202 Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
BIOL 1111 Biological Prin I 4 credits
BIOL 2131 Nutrition 3 credits
BIOL 2221 Microbiology 3 credits
BIOL 2252 Anatomy & Phys I 3 credits
BIOL 2254 Anatomy & Phys II 3 credits
BIOL 2256 Advanced Physiology 2 credits
CHEM 2205 Survey Gen/Org/Bio Chm 4 credits
ENGL 1111 Composition I 3 credits
HLTH 1106 Medical Terminology 2 credits
HLTH 2002 Pharmacology 2 credits
MATH 1110 College Algebra 3 credits
MATH 2203 Statistics 4 credits
PSYC 1105 Intro to Psychology 3 credits
PSYC 2201 Developmental Psychology 3 credits
SOCI 1101 Intro to Sociology 3 credits
SPCH 1101 Intro to Public Speaking 3 credits
  G6: Human/Fine Arts Elec ( *See Elective Options Listed Below ) 3 credits
  Area of Interest Electives ( *See Elective Course Options Listed Below ) 6 credits

Area of Interest Elective Course Options

For this particular pathway, NCTC recommends a student explore further coursework in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum areas listed below. Need help? Schedule an appointment with a Northland Academic Advisor for assistance in selecting courses.

Course # Course Name Credits
G6: Humanities/Fine Arts Electives
PHIL 1102 Intro to Ethics 3 credits
PHIL 2210 Morals and Medicine 3 credits
Area of Interest Electives
BIOL 1112 Biological Prin II 4 credits
EMTB 1101 Emergency Medical Tech 6 credits
HLTH 1101 Intro Health Professions 3 credits
HLTH 1108 Cultural Diversity 1 credits
HLTH 1110 Nursing Assistant 3 credits
HLTH 1140 Electronic Health Records 3 credits
HLTH 2208 Pathophysiology 3 credits
HPER 2250 Prevent/Care Athletic Inj 3 credits
HPER 2270 Health and Wellness 3 credits
OTAC 1001 Intro to OT 2 credits
RADT 1110 Intro Rad Tech/Pat Care 3 credits
RESP 1110 Adult Critical Care 4 credits
SPCH 2205 Intercultural Communicati 3 credits
SURT 1102 Intro to Surgical Tech 2 credits

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