Construction Electricity

  • Credits: 74
  • Degree Type: Diploma
  • Campus: East Grand Forks

Program Overview

The Construction Electricity diploma program prepares students to build, install, maintain and repair electrical systems that provide heat, light, or power for residential, commercial and industrial structures. Technical and general courses provide students with a mix of theory and hands-on application in classroom, lab settings, and job sites. This comprehensive program includes maintenance of electrical equipment, wiring methods, blueprint reading, material selection, programmable controllers, and the National Electric Codes.


The Construction Electricity program major prepares each graduate to enter employment as an apprentice who ultimately can earn a master electricians license. After completion of this comprehensive program, the construction electrician can assemble, install, and test wiring used in the electrical systems that provide heat, light, and power to residential and commercial buildings.

According to CAREERwise, the median hourly pay as an Electrician in the state of Minnesota is $29.17 per hour. The employment outlook through 2024 is expected to grow approximately 10.6%, a very high-growth career.

Program Courses

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
CONE 1100 Elec Construction Safety 1 credits
CONE 1102 Intro Elec Circuit Theory 4 credits
CONE 1104 Intro to NEC 2 credits
CONE 1107 Intro Residential Wiring 3 credits
CONE 1108 Electrical Circuit Theory 4 credits
CONE 1110 AC/DC Motors/Generators 4 credits
CONE 1112 Residential Wiring 3 credits
CONE 1116 Conduit/Tool Applications 2 credits
CONE 1118 Electrical Services 3 credits
CONE 1120 Electrical Blueprints 3 credits
CONE 1122 Intro to Materials 1 credits
CONE 1124 Intro Elec Blueprint Read 2 credits
CONE 2114 National Electrical Code 2 credits
CONE 2202 Heating/Cooling Controls 3 credits
CONE 2205 Intro Commercial Wiring 3 credits
CONE 2206 Intro Motor Control Applc 3 credits
CONE 2208 Prog Logic Controllers 2 credits
CONE 2211 Electronic Motor Control 3 credits
CONE 2212 Commercial Wiring 3 credits
CONE 2214 Industrial Wiring 2 credits
CONE 2216 Motor Control Application 3 credits
CONE 2225 Transformers 2 credits
CONE 2228 Troubleshooting 1 credits
CONE 2230 Load Management Controls 2 credits
CONE 2238 Low Voltage Wiring 2 credits
CONE 2248 Code Applications 2 credits
CONE 2250 Special Topics/Projects 2 credits
CPTR 1100 Computer Basics 1 credits
CRLT 2103 Job Seeking/Keeping 1 credits
GTEC 1108 Internet Literacy Skills 1 credits
HPER 1410 First Aid/CPR 1 credits
MATH 1001 Technical Mathematics 3 credits

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