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Brand & Trademark Usage Procedure


This procedure establishes the governing use of Northland’s registered trademarks, as well as the use of unregistered names, seals, logos, emblems, images, symbols, and slogans that are representative of Northland (together referred to herein as “Trademarks”).

The Northland Brand Standards Manual is the designated resource to help ensure a consistent, favorable, and professional image in the use of all marketing and identity materials (print, online, digital, etc.), communications, products, merchandise, and promotional items.

The Northland community (administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, departments, institutes, centers, and programs) have a responsibility and obligation in their use of Northland’s Trademarks, including following Minnesota State Board Policy & Procedure 5.22.1 (Part 4, Subpart E. Unauthorized Representations or Trademark Use), Brand Standards Manuals, Northland Brand & Trademark Usage Policy (8025), and the Brand Trademarks & Licensing website.

The Marketing and Communications department is responsible for identifying incorrect or unauthorized use of Northland Trademarks and other identifying marks of Northland and will work with all Northland departments to bring applications into compliance. The Marketing and Communications department should be consulted whenever it is not clear whether a proposed use is permissible.

Additional details on brand regulations, resources, and downloadable branded templates are available at

Procedure History

Date of Implementation01/11/2005
Date of Adoption01/11/2005
Date of Last Review09/17/2020

Date & Subject of Revisions

09/17/2020 – New procedure approved replacing procedure 8025P College Identity and Graphic Standards Procedure.

05/20/2010 – Moved from 5000 Series, renumbered.