Brand & Trademark Usage Policy


This policy promotes and protects Northland Community & Technical College by implementing a brand standards system that establishes the means of consistent, favorable, and professional use of Northland’s registered trademarks, as well as the use of unregistered names, seals, initials, logos, emblems, images, symbols, indicia, insignia, and slogans that are representative of Northland (together referred to herein as “Trademarks”). All Northland Trademarks are protected by federal and state trademark laws whether they have been registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or other authority or through common law use.

All marketing and identity materials (print, online, digital, etc.), communications, products, merchandise, and promotional items produced by Northland or partner agencies on behalf of Northland academic programs and departments, must adhere to the Brand Standards Manual established by the Marketing and Communications department.

The official Brand Standards Manual provides guidance on how to successfully put the Northland brand into practice by providing standards and guidelines to maintain consistent use of Northland Trademarks and description guidelines (written and visual) for use in representing Northland, as well as resources for writing and referring to Northland. All materials (print, online, digital, etc.) promoting or representing a Northland organization and department must comply with the regulations detailed in the Brand Standards Manual, as it relates to the use of logos, color, typography, etc. Additionally, any materials produced by Northland academic programs and departments should employ an official Northland logo unless otherwise permitted by the Marketing and Communications department. The most up to date version of the Brand Standards Manual is available on the Brand website.

Trademarks are critical to the integrity of the Northland brand. The coordination of the Northland brand to consumers plays a significant role in their impression of Northland. Consistency is paramount to the success of the Northland brand identity. Consistent use of Trademarks and supporting elements will build brand equity and resonance. The end result will be an increased understanding of the Northland brand by the public and Northland’s ability to protect its Trademarks from unauthorized use.

Northland will actively protect its Trademarks from improper or misleading use by individuals, organizations, and vendors not associated with Northland and will ensure that the use of Trademarks by Northland administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, departments, institutes, centers, and programs conforms to all applicable policies and guidelines. Faculty, students, staff, and alumni share in the benefits associated with the Trademarks, and therefore also share responsibilities to ensure correct use. The Marketing and Communications department is responsible for identifying incorrect or unauthorized use of Northland Trademarks and will work with all Northland departments to bring applications into compliance. The Marketing and Communications department should be consulted whenever it is not clear whether a proposed use is permissible.

Additional details on brand regulations, resources, and downloadable branded templates are available at

Policy History

Date of Implementation01/11/2005
Date of Adoption01/11/2005
Date of Last Review09/17/2020

Date & Subject of Revisions

09/17/2020 – New policy approved, replacing policy 8025 College Identity and Graphic Standards Policy.

05/20/2010 – Moved from 5000 Series, renumbered.