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Warroad Site

Using innovative curriculum and delivery options, Northland brings higher education options to Warroad, MN.

Advanced Resource Center (ARC)

A New Northland Site for New-Age Learning

Northland is responding to the growing need for manufacturing professionals in the region by bringing education and training opportunities right to your doorstep at the Advanced Resource Center for Innovation & Education, the ARC, in Warroad, MN. The ARC features flexible environments that allow for a mix of active learning and small group work. Labs will be technology-rich, reflecting those of modern manufacturing facilities. The new facility will be a welcoming and accessible setting, ensuring you get the most out of your education with Northland.

Programs Driven to Make You Workforce Ready.

Northwest Minnesota is a powerhouse for manufacturing and innovation, and the need for working professionals with dynamic and modern skill sets is at an all-time high. To help meet that need, Northland brings cutting-edge programming to help advance the region’s workforce and aid in creating new career opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Northland will host its first classes in Warroad in January 2022. Students may apply for admission to the college at any time and then identify a start date through consultation with the instructor. Northland is accepting applications now for this program.

In January 2022, Northland launched a Mechatronics program in Warroad. Students will go through the Admissions process, then consult with the instructor to identify the course(s) required to fulfill individual educational goals.

This location is open to individuals interested in pursuing a technical career or individuals who are already employed and would like additional skills to advance in their careers.