Practical Nursing

  • Credits: 44
  • Degree Type: Diploma
  • Campus: East Grand Forks, Thief River Falls, Online


The first place to look for scholarships is at Northland Community and Technical College Foundation. The NCTC Foundation budgets over $55,000 for scholarships at NCTC. The budget includes scholarships for students who attend NCTC next year, fall and spring semesters in full-time status (12+ credits), and obtain high academic achievement and/or impact our college. Applications are available to download from this site. Applications are due the third week of spring semester with scholarship ceremony in early March. Included in this money are several scholarships provided by nursing faculty and area supporters for nursing students. (Taken from the NCTC Foundation Contributors’ Update, May 2002).

Local Scholarships

Look for scholarships at your bank, credit union, families employment, the local service organizations in your hometown, such as the Elks and the Legion and at your place of employment.

Nursing Scholarships
The Johnson and Johnson Company has an excellent web site which links you to between 150 and 200 nursing scholarships that are available. You can find information on these scholarships at:

This loan repayment program is for students who plan to practice in rural areas. Many facilities in NW Minnesota are included. Watch the site for details.

Federal Monies

" is the most comprehensive FREE full-text online resource on all U.S. federal government student financial aid programs. Here you will find detailed and up-to-date information about (1) who can apply, (2) how to apply, (3) full contact info, and much more... for over 130 government loans and grants (scholarships, fellowships, traineeships) related to education!” (Taken from site).

Free Scholarship Search Engines

These are free scholarship search engines. They require you to fill out identifying information on yourself and then they will bring up the scholarships they have in their database that you would be eligible to apply for. It is also nice because it will send you reminders in your e-mail when dates for applications need to be in by.