Administrative Office Specialist

  • Credits: 33
  • Degree Type: Diploma
  • Campus: East Grand Forks, Online

Program Overview

This program prepares students with a full range of office knowledge and skills to successfully support management in a professional office setting. Students will develop skills in communication, human relations, software applications, office management, bookkeeping, filing, records management, and document processing. Students have the opportunity to advance to the Administrative Professional AAS degree.

Employment Information

Employment opportunities will vary depending upon the individual's achievement. An individual may obtain administrative office support employment with these basic skills.

Program Course Listings

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
ACCT 1100 Prin of Bookkeeping 3
ACCT 1124 Spreadsheet Concepts 3
ADMS 1100 Keyboarding I 3
ADMS 1102 Keyboarding II 3
ADMS 1110 Word Processing 3
ADMS 1116 Business Communications 3
ADMS 1121 Business Office Mgmt 3
ADMS 2250 Office Technologies 3
CPTR 1104 Intro to Computer Tech 3
MKTG 1108 Customer Relations Mgmt 3
  Program Electives ( *See Elective Course Options Listed Below ) 3

Program Elective Course Options

For this particular pathway, NCTC recommends a student explore further coursework in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum areas listed below. Need help? Schedule an appointment with a Northland Academic Advisor for assistance in selecting courses.

Course # Course Name Credits
ACCT 1108 Busn Math/Calculators 3
ADMS 2236 Project Management 3
ADMS 2282 Internship 3
BUSN 2221 Prin of Accounting I 4
CPTR 1106 Microcomputer Databases 3
CPTR 1132 Microcomputer Maintenance 3
MKTG 2120 Supervisory Leadership 3
MKTG 2410 Social Media Marketing 3
SSCI 1101 Human Relations 3

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