Academics Announcement

Nursing Faculty Present at National Conference

Sue Field DNP, RN (Director of the AD Nursing Program )and Nancy Carda MS, RN (Nursing Faculty and National League for Nursing (NLN) Ambassador for the NCTC Nursing Program) were honored to present their departments work on the development of three templates to implement the new NLN framework for nursing education programs to over 200 participants at the NLN Education Summit in Orlando Florida in September of 2011. This years summit was a gathering of 1600 nurse educators from throughout the US and seven countries.
According to Field and Carda, the response from the audience was amazing. Nursing faculty from nursing education programs that attended the session were eager to access the templates. There were multiple comments such as: This is exactly what we need, this was a gift, and we cannot believe you are giving us access to your work! Multiple nursing programs are currently in the process of implementing the new NLN framework model and were appreciative of the work that was shared.
Health Force Minnesota assisted in sponsoring Field and Carda on their trip to Orlando. Health Force Minnesota also agreed to host the three templates on their website for nurse educators to access for their nursing programs.
In September of 2010, the National League for Nursing (NLN) published the Outcomes and Competencies for Graduates of Practical/Vocational, Diploma, Associate Degree, Baccalaureate, Master's, Practice Doctorate, and Research Doctorate Programs in Nursing manuscript. The model lists outcomes and competencies for various levels of nursing education but did not give direction on how to implement the model into nursing programs. The Associate Degree (AD) Nursing Program of Northland Community and Technical Colleges (NCTC) forged ahead in the development of three templates to implement the new framework into their nursing program. The templates were developed under consultation from the Chair of the NLN Framework Committee, and the Project Manager from the Quality Safety Education in Nursing (QSEN) Project.