Business Office Announcement

Registration Cancellation for Non-Payment

Spring semester tuition payment arrangements MUST be made by Friday, January 18th or your registration will be cancelled.

Northland Community and Technical College shall cancel student registrations for all credit courses unless one of the following conditions has been met: • students who have filed for financial aid and an Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) has been received by Northland • students who are enrolled in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program • students who have been in the military and are awaiting funding from the V. A. and have a deferment in place • students attending under a consortium agreement with another MN State college or university who have ISIRs on file at those institutions • students who have set up a payment plan with FACTS/NelNet Management Company (available through the online registration website), which requires an initial payment equal to $300 or 15% of the total due for tuition and fees • students who have paid at least $300 or 15% of the tuition and fees due • students who have received an approved waiver at least equal to the amount of tuition and fees due