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Steam Plant Engineering

This course covers steam and hot water boiler and heating plant operations. Participants are prepared for the Minnesota Grade C Boiler License. Two classes are offered:

  • Low Pressure (LP) – 33 Hours
  • High Pressure (HP) – 36 Hours


Boiler Safety & Review:

This two day (10 hour) course is intended to help prospective engineers perform their job more safely and to prepare them for the MN State Boiler exam. Participants will be able to:

  • Define MN boiler laws and regulations
  • Identify steam and liquid boiler components and their purpose
  • List boiler classification and types
  • Identify ASME code symbols, operating and testing procedures
  • Identify boiler terminology
  • Review safety operations.


School District Boiler Operations:

This 8 hour course is designed to help the licensed custodial boiler engineer for Hot-water and/or Low-pressure steam boilers to execute his/her job more safely and effeciently and to satisfy the new Minnesota Statue regarding yearly training requirements for school boiler engineers.