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Lean Business Program

The Lean Business Program is designed for business that offer sales, and service to customers, as well as brining Lean principles to the office setting.test

Lean Business Program: The Lean Business Program trains leadership and staff at businesses in the science of lean disciplines that help these organizations implement strategic plans, eliminate waste, build intercultural teamwork, reduce intercultural conflicts, reduce or eliminate mistakes and deficiencies and improve customer service.

With four (4) modules, Northland College's Lean Business training program offers all the principles to implement and create a culture around Lean: Fundamentals of Lean, Continuous Improvement, Workplace Organization, and Value Stream Mapping. We highly recommend that they be delivered in the sequence outlined for best results. This is because each module builds on the skills, self-confidence and teamwork developed in the previous modules. Modules can be delivered in 4, 6, or 8 hour segments, as the organization desires.

Module #1: Fundamentals of Leantest

Is a course that provides a foundation for success in applying all of the additional Lean tools. It helps participants to significantly enhance productivity and eliminate waste through designing work roles and responsibilities that support and sustain their natural areas of strength, mitigate heir areas of weakness, and design strategic partnerships and structures to capitalize on the unique blend of capabilities found within a work team. It helps participants identify goals that assist them in better achieving the strategic objective of their organization by clarifying, capitalizing upon and enhancing their intrinsic faculties and that of their work team. (12 hours)

Module #2: Principles of Continuous Improvement

Expands upon the organization's current strategic plan. This module looks at the outcomes desired by the organization's leadership in a wide variety of areas, helping the organization identify, explain and target areas of both problems and opportunities. These become the focus of the lean projects that follow, so that learning is practical, not theoretical. This module lays a strong foundation for the work that follows, explaining some of the tools that will be used throughout the program, including charting, waste elimination, defect (mistake) reduction, and more. (6 hours)

Module #3: Workplace Organization/6S System

This module helps eliminate obstacles to efficiency, promoting quality, safety, productivity and employee involvement in all areas of the organization. A 6S project, called a Kaizen Blitz, is performed, allowing employees to sort, set-in-order, shine, standardize and sustain an optimum working environment in any one particular area, all with safety in mind. (24 hours; should be delivered in back-to-back sessions, if possible)

Module #4: Value Stream Mapping

Gives the leadership or employees the opportunity to succeed with positive change immediately. This module examines current processes within the organization with an eye to eliminating waste and improving value and satisfaction for patients and their families. During each session, sequences are mapped for greater understanding and identification of where waste occurs. Participants then use the remaining sessions to change their processes to eliminate problems of waste. The results of Value Stream Mapping are exciting and energizing, as they almost always deliver immediate cost or time savings that grow over time. Value Stream Mapping projects can and are often done on a regular basis in business organizations, delighting both the patients and staff with increased efficiencies and saving money in places that are often overlooked. (16 hours)

Northland Community and Technical College's Lean Business Program helps organizations build safety, consistency, cooperation, quality and better bottom line performance into their day-to-day operations by training and empowering leadership and staff to use their skills and experience in ever-expanding ways. It helps build employee achievement and satisfaction for higher retention rates, and creates a culture of continuous improvement that will continue to add to the bottom line for years to come.

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