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Today’s global economic circumstances are causing businesses and organizations to increasingly pursue subsidizing internal talent development in lieu of incurring greater expenses associated with hiring from outside.


Validating this strategic practice, an article entitled “Unconventional Wisdom in a Downturn,” published in the December 2008 edition of Harvard Business Review, cites examples of “sizeable rewards” resulting from investment in professional development during tough times. “A downturn presents the perfect downtime to enhance the skills your people really need to excel…Actively seizing a downturn as an opportunity can reduce the pain of the current one and can soften the glow of the next.

Consistent with the observations of global economists and organizational behavior experts, the Center for Outreach and Innovation at NCTC is seeing an ever increasing client demand for customized leadership and organizational effectiveness training!

To meet the evolving needs of our clients, over the past 18 months we have increased our staff and expanded our training and facilitation offerings to include:

  • Appreciative Inquiry Strategy Planning
  • 1:1 Performance Coaching
  • Strength-based Leadership Training
  • Team Facilitation

We invite you to click through our website to learn more about NCTC’s customizable leadership and organizational effectiveness programs that can help to improve your individual and organizational productivity and profitability.


IMPACT 20/20 is a group of senior executives and elected officials who came together in the fall of 2008 to explore the possibility of developing a collective action plan for the economy of Northwest Minnesota. Participants included seven of the region’s top business people, three heads of higher education, two tribal chairs, two officers of utility cooperatives, two presidents of healthcare institutions, two directors of economic development commissions, two directors of workforce development organizations, one school superintendent, one director of a K-12 service cooperative, one president of a foundation, and one state commissioner. Learn More

Quotations from Leadership Participants:

"While the Covey material is wonderful, the exceptional training delivery by NCTC worked it's magic in reaching our associates in a meaningful way... Comments like "life changing, excellent, highly motivational, empowering, thank you for a refreshing day--you have opened my eyes, " are tributes to time and money well spent.  We are witnessing improved communication and positive changes because of this training..." (Bobbie Akerlund-Kotas, Service Education Facilitator, MeritCare).


"I am most impressed with NCTC's trainer and her insight into our organization and her ability to facilitate meaningful conversations.  The discussions at the training sessions have resulted in improvements to our organization at several levels.  Through her training, we now have the beginnings of specific tools to begin to work together as Supervisors and Directors, charged with growing a communications company in an extremely fast-paced industry..." (Lori Meader, Director of Human Resources, Arvig Communication Systems).

"NCTC's sincere and professional delivery of the interactive workshop had a dramatic effect, not only on the professional needs of the people who attended, but on our personal lives as well... One individual made it a point of seeking me out to tell me that he thought this seminar was "the best training session I ever attended."  We can definitely credit COI's trainer for having this degree of impact on the people who attended.  Please include Case IH on your list of "Very Satisfied Customers..."  (Mark Jones, Case IH Business Manager).

"As the 7 Habits for Teens class was delivered and I watched the attendees develop and use new skills, I realized that the outcomes of the class far exceeded all of our expectations... I have heard the class participants holding each other accountable to their commitments and for their actions, as we learned to do in class, and I have found myself supported by other participants when I have begun to stray away from my established priorities.  We have definitely established a more supportive environment.  NCTC and its delivery of 7 Habits of Effective Teens receives my highest recommendation to all other organizations looking to teach effective life skills to young adults.  FranklinCovey's concepts and materials were excellent and NCTC's delivery was both energetic and purposeful.  We all left the class not only having learned new ideas, but also how they applied to our everyday lives."  (Patrick Grundmeier, Evergreen House Transitional Living Program Director).

"This training, as delivered by NCTC, has helped our teachers gain greater control of their lives, improve decision-making, improve relationships with family and friends, increase self-confidence, and prioritize their goals and find balance in their lives... the trainer, who delivered the course, was described by participants as dynamic and passionate, and she kept participants involved and interested through the entire course... Participants clearly benefitted both personally and professionally and left with ideas and plans for applying the information in their everyday lives.  I would recommend this training wholeheartedly to other interested groups!" (Patricia Quistgaard, PhD, School Psychologist, Bemidji Area Schools).