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Commercial Vehicle Operations

Get a CDL in 16 weeks!

CDL in 16 weeks!

In just one semester (16 weeks) you can obtain your Commercial Drivers License through COI. And to make things easier our classes are held on evenings and weekends!


Why become a trucker?

1. Job Stability
2. Compeitive Pay
3. Flexible Schedules
4. Be your Own Boss
5. See the Country

Many Employers Also Offer:

6. Paid Vacation
7. Retirement & 401K Programs
8. Workers Compensation/Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

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Why become a trucker?

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Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Does your business have trucks sitting idle? Would you like to expand your operation but don't because you're not sure you can hire enough drivers? Do you wish your drivers were better trained in safely driving your vehicles in the midst of the public?

Learn about the CVO Partner Program today!