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Information found on the class cancellations web site may be updated daily and throughout the day. Check back often for new class cancellation announcements as they become available.

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Upcoming Class Cancellations

The following upcoming classes have been cancelled. This list will only display classes that have not ended yet. If you wish to see classes that have ended and may have been cancelled earlier in the day, please use the link at the bottom of the page to vew the past 7 days worth of cancellations.

* BOLD = Today's Cancelled Classes

Class Title Instructor Date Start/End Comments Campus/Room
Weld Fundamentals Brian Suckow 09-26-2016 8am–8:50am EGF - #150
* Weld Fundamentals Brian Suckow 09-26-2016 9am–12:50pm EGF - #530
Intro to OT Cassie Hilts 09-29-2016 11am–11:50am EGF - #326


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