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Academics Programs of Study

Each of Northland's cores offers a strong foundation of educational opportunities for you. Each core contains at least a dozen programs and emphases that cater to your specific needs. Learn about our graduation and transfer-out rates.

Technical Careers

Get the hands-on experience you need to make your future successful in any of our many technical career programs ranging from auto body to carpentry.

Health & Human Services

Be the difference you want to see in the world by helping those in need. Northland offers a wide range of Health and Human Service programs that are sure to make your future bright. Choose from programs ranging from Law Enforcement to Nursing.

Business & Technology

Learn from the best, and become the best when you choose Northland's Business and Technical career field. We offer courses in anything from Computer Networking to Accounting. This is a sure way to enter into a promising future.

Liberal Arts & Transfer

Haven't decided on a major yet? Well Northland offers a huge range of General Education courses to give you a head start in any career field you pursue.

Online Education

Northland understands your life is busy. This is why Northland offers a wide variety of online courses designed specifically for you. Take the classes you need when you want, where you want, online at Northland.

Customized Training

Northland offers a wide variety of customized training ranging from computers to fire training. We ensure you'll learn exactly what you need to know for your designated career field.

Off-Campus Classes

Our Roseau Satellite Site helps meet the needs of business and industry in the Roseau, MN area. A variety of certificate programs and diplomas are offered in manufacturing technology and management in partnership with several businesses.

for the Workforce

Northland Community and Technical College offers a wide variety of technical programs for you. While enrolled in these programs students you will take courses that relate to what you will actually need as you enter into the workforce. You will gain hands-on experience from highly educated instructors by using the latest tools and technology.

Enter the Workforce Upon Graduation

You will gain qualifications while working in modern laboratories, not sitting behind a desk. Each of the programs cater to your needs by using practical instruction and skill development to help you gain a technical understanding that will allow you to create your own pathway to employment.

Hands-on Experience

At Northland you will get a hands-on experience that is second to none. This makes you far more prepared than someone who has a degree - but no experience.

Be The Difference

Northland Community and Technical College offers a wide variety of programs in the Health and Human Services sector. Here students will find work experience as well as field experience through hands-on training and instruction.

Doing Good for Many

Modern labs allow you to become an integral member of a team. Qualified instructors incorporate knowledge with experience through thorough training to give you a well-rounded foundation of knowledge. Your education integrates theoretical, practical, and interpersonal skills that prepare you for your career.

You Are the Difference

Northland's programs are designed to allow you to enter the workplace or the option to transfer into designated baccalaureate programs. These programs prepare you to go into a career where you can do well for yourself while doing good for many.

Technology Changes Everything

Northland Community and Technical College's programs in Business and Technology are designed specifically for you to learn from the best. Well-respected faculty teach courses that strive to equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in fields that are driven by technology.

Employment After Graduation

Northland's programs in Business and Technology are designed to help you accomplish your goals with a personal touch that you deserve. Classes are catered to you who either intend to seek employment after graduation or plan to further your education. The wide range of classes offered allows you to choose classes that will best help you succeed in the marketplace of the 21st century.

Earn the Competitive Edge

Each of the programs offer you theory and hands-on training with the newest technology to give you a competitive edge. Faculty will help you build a strong foundation of leadership for the increasingly competitive global business world. Northland's cutting-edge programs prepare you to be more efficient and competitive as you enter into the workforce. This makes you far more prepared than someone who has a degree - but no experience. Each of the programs cater to your needs by using practical instruction and skill development to help you gain a technical understanding that will allow you to create your own pathway to employment. Northland has created a faster learning curve due to the shorter time for programs so you can quickly and confidently enter the workforce upon graduation.

Business & Technology Programs Offered:

Northland's Business & Technology programs will prepare you for tomorrow's careers. Whether you're looking to start your own business or start your education journey, you can complete a program with a personal touch you deserve.

Attention You Deserve

Receive the attention you deserve. Complete your "generals" at Northland in a personalized manner.

Transferring Made Easy

As you complete your general education courses complete an Associates of Liberal Arts (A.A.) degree. An A.A. in Liberal Arts degree is a great start for any career, and will make transferring to a four-year college or university a breeze. Other colleges and universities recognize the quality of the education you will receive at Northland. You will easily be able to start here and transfer your A.A. degree to another institution to earn your bachelor's degree.

Small Class Sizes

Northland's highly-respected instructors understand the importance of personalized instruction. Small class sizes assure you receive the attention you deserve. Northland offers 29 areas of emphasis for your A.A. ranging from art to pre-medicine so you acquire a solid foundation in your chosen field. Coursework in these areas prepare you to transfer your A.A. degree to an institution to further your education. Classes in the liberal arts are designed to actively engage the learner making it easier for you to succeed in the program by enhancing your critical thinking skills. Northland is a great place to get your A.A. degree while saving you money.

Liberal Arts & Transfer Programs Offered:

An A.A. in Liberal Arts is the initial step for many fields of study and professions, including, but not limited to, the following:

Northland understands your life is busy. This is why Northland offers a wide variety of online courses designed specifically for you. Take the classes you need when you want, where you want, online at Northland.

Paying for College

Types of Financial Aid

The best investment you can make is in your future. The financial aid department at Northland is here to help you do just that. They're here to help you get through the process of paying for college.


Scholarships are available to help aid in the payment of college. The college foundation provides multiple scholarships to students who fit the criteria. Take five minutes to fill out the form and who knows; maybe you'll be selected to receive free money!


Grants are available to those students who are eligible.


The college has different types of loans available to aid in the paying of your college expenses.

Applying for Financial Aid

All students are eligible to apply for financial aid. We provide you a checklist to simplify and organize the process.

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid

Simply follow the steps on the checklist and you are on your way!

Work Study (Student Employment)

Are you in need of a little extra cash? Northland offers several different job opportunities for students that work around your class schedule to make it easier for you to earn some money.

One of the ways many students choose to help fund their Northland education is by working on campus through a college work study assignment. From the bookstore to the admissions office, each year several students are employed in a variety of on-campus jobs.

Off-campus job opportunities are also available. Local businesses often post new positions through the Northland virtual career center.

Tuition & Fees

Northland strives to make college affordable for any student. A list of current costs can easily be found on our website.

Expected Costs

The annual expected tuition per semester based off 15 credit hours is approximately $5,312.10. This includes all fees associated with the college and actual tuition.


Paying for college is sometimes hard, but Northland offers multiple options. You can go directly to the college and make your payment; you can pay online, or depending on your financial aid situation wait for your aid to be applied to your account.

Tools & Resources

Net Price Calculator

This calculator will provide you with an estimated price of attendance for Northland. It is only as accurate as the information you provide and is subject to change. For best results, it would be helpful for you to have the following items: W-2 Form, Bank Statements, Academic Information (SAT or ACT scores, Official Transcripts).

Financial Aid Forms

Northland provides students with easy access to financial aid forms.

Apply to Northland

Admissions Process

Applying to Northland is just a few steps away. Choose the right category that you fit in whether it be a new, returning, transfer, or international student and just follow the checklist. Northland is excited you've chosen us as a place to pursue your future.

Admissions & Enrollment Checklist

It's not so complicated when you take it step by step. Complete the essentials steps to get started.

The List

Admissions & Enrollment Forms

In order to get started, there are just a few forms for you to complete.

Apply Now

Are you ready for a premier higher education? Do you want to begin taking steps toward an opportunity-filled future? Select the type of student you are below to begin the application process.

I'm a New Student »

There are three different ways for new students to apply. Choose whatever works best for you. We're look forward to hearing from you!

I'm a Returning Student »

If you've previously attended Northland, welcome back! There are just a few steps for you to complete the application process and then you're in!

I'm a Current High School Student »

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options is an great opportunity that allows high school juniors & seniors to take courses at Northland on either a full or part-time basis and earn both college and high school credit.

I'm a Transfer Student »

There are three different ways for transfer students to apply. Choose whatever works best for you. We're look forward to hearing from you!

I'm a Military Veteran »

Northland is proud to “serve those who have served.” We are committed to assisting you, as a veteran, in making your transition from military service to higher education.

I'm an International Student »

No matter where you're from, there's a place for you at Northland! Just follow the International Student Checklist and you are on your way to making a vital decision to ensure a great and prosperous future.

Life at Northland

Northland offers students a wide variety of activities, clubs, and cultural events on both campuses.

Stay Active in Sports

Become active in sports, either sanctioned Pioneer Athletics or get to know people around campus by joining an intramural league that Northland offers.

So, you're not big on sports? How about student clubs?

Get involved with one of the many clubs and organizations that allow you to make new friends and become involved around campus. The music department offers two bands and a choir for any student who enjoys being involved with music. Student Senate, and student clubs and organizations are always options if you are looking for an opportunity to lead and serve others at Northland.

Services on Campus

Don't forget, Northland offers a wide variety of campus services catered to your needs. The bookstore has what you need to be ready for your next class. Northland offers dining options that you can sit down with your classmates or grab something quickly in between classes. Stop by Northland's student services office to find out everything you need to know about your prospective career from helpful staff.

Pioneer Athletics

Spectating or playing, Northland ensures you'll have a great time with their many different sporting events. The college takes pride in their sports teams. Plus, Northland students get in free to the games! Come cheer on the Northland Pioneers and represent the college by sporting your navy and scarlet!

Varsity Sports

Northland offers multiple sports for both men and women, including baseball, softball, football, basketball, and volleyball. There's something for everyone whether you're looking to play or watch!

Intramural Sports

Love playing sports just for the fun of it? Well, Northland offers intramural sports to help get you out of the house, burn a few calories, and have some fun!


Travel the globe, without leaving the campus! A vital part of Northland is its diverse population of students. Not only do we provide education to international students, they provide us with information and experiences from their own lives. We welcome the expansion of our horizons.

Northland provides a well-rounded educational experience to students from a variety of backgrounds. Learn more by checking out Northland's diversity website.


While the college does not offer student housing, Northland does have resources available to assist students in obtaining housing.

Get Involved!

Part of going to college is meeting new people and making lifelong friends. There's no better way of doing this than getting involved in our many campus clubs and organizations. There is something available for everyone!

Clubs & Organizations

When you become involved on campus, you are sure to have a great time meeting new people, participating in the many events, and improving your leadership skills!

Campus Services

Northland offers many on-campus services that are available for students and staff. We understand that school is not easy for everyone. If this is the case for you, we offer services to help with a variety of different needs.

Registrar's Office

After you've been accepted to Northland, the next step is to register for classes! Call to set up your appointment so that you'll be much closer to starting your college journey.


Once you've registered for classes, getting your books and paying for tuition are the next steps in the process. Books and supplies can be purchased in the bookstore. The staff there is very helpful in helping you decide what books are needed for your classes. You may also purchase your Northland gear and apparel through the bookstore. Show your Pioneer pride!

Learning Services

Northland offers free academic support to students through college lab assistants or peer tutors. The college offers help for students in need of academic assistance due to a learning disability. To access academic support and/or accommodations please contact the campus learning center.


Whether it be breakfast or lunch, there's sure to be something for everyone. You can choose from the specials of the day or you can order from the menu.

Virtual Career Center

Northland's virtual career center offers employment opportunities and career resources. You can also explore our career assessment resource tools or contact a counselor for guidance.

Tour Northland

East Grand Forks Campus Tour

East Grand Forks campus tours are available DAILY at 10:00 AM by appointment. Tours can be arranged at the convenience of the student, but in order to maximize your experience during your visit, please sign up for a campus tour by completing our visit form.

Thief River Falls Campus Tour

Our Thief River Falls campus tours are available DAILY at 10:00 AM or by appointment. The Admissions Office provides personally-conducted tours by appointment during the weekdays. You can visit with faculty, coaches and currently-enrolled students. Sign up for a campus tour by completing the form below.