Assessment Testing

Accuplacer is an assessment tool for students entering Northland. It determines which courses are appropriate for new students and whether developmental classes are needed.

Pre-Registration Assessment

Northland requires students to complete an academic assessment before beginning classes. The Accuplacer assessment presents the tests in a computer-adaptive mode. It determines which courses are appropriate for new students and whether developmental classes are needed. Criteria which may exempt you from the test or portions of the test include:

  • Successful completion of college-level English or algebra courses at another institution.
  • Satisfactory recent assessment scores from another college (three years for reading and two years for math).
  • A minimum of 22 on the ACT math, 21 on the ACT reading and 18 on the ACT English test.

After you have completed an application and paid the fee, you will be able to take the assessment..

Assessment Campus Schedules

Select your campus location below to view campus schedules for when you can take your Accuplacer Assessment Test.


Why am I taking the Accuplacer Assessment Test?

Your Accuplacer scores will help you achieve academic success at Northland by placing you in the reading, math and English courses that are most appropriate for you at this time.

What is the Assessment Like?

You will take the assessment on the computer, using the keyboard for the background questions and the mouse to enter your answers to the questions. A test administrator will be present should you have any questions or problems.

Each test is adaptive. This means the computer automatically determines which questions are presented to you based on your responses to prior questions. The test is not timed, so that you can give each question as much thought as you wish. The test will assess your skills in three areas: reading, mathematics, and English.

What kinds of questions are on the Accuplacer test?

  • Reading
  • Arithmetic
  • Elementary Algebra

Suggested Practice Internet Review Sites

Another way to find review sites is to go to Google search engine and type in "Accuplacer practice". The best way to review is as follows: Review only 20 minutes per session. Have a paper and pencil by the keyboard (calculators are not allowed). Practice at least 15 consecutive days before testing or retaking the assessment. Remember, passing these assessments may save you from taking developmental classes that don't count toward your major.

How much does the test cost and how long does it take?

The Accuplacer assessment is FREE for all students the first time you assess. The test is not timed. As a result, the length can vary from one to three hours depending on the individual. If you desire to re-take any or all portions of the assessment, you will be charged a $10 fee, payable at the Northland Bookstore on either campus.

Please note that the current policy limits students to 1 attempt to improve scores. Students whose scores have expired will not be charged a fee to reassess.

When will I know my results?

Your results will be available immediately upon completion of the test. You will be able to meet with an academic advisor to go over your test results and discuss your course options.

Contact Information

East Grand Forks Campus

    Ellen Brehmer
  • Ellen Brehmer
  • Learning Services Coordinator
  • East Grand Forks - Office #580D
  • (218) 793-2382
    No Profile
  • Tiffany McMillan
  • Student Services Specialist
  • East Grand Forks - Office #
  • (218) 793-2384

Thief River Falls Campus

    Heather Meng
  • Heather Meng
  • Academic Success Center Director, Diversity Officer
  • Thief River Falls - Office #205
  • (218) 683-8560