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About this Job
PhysAssist Scribes, Inc. is looking for experience-driven candidates who are pursuing careers in the medical field to join our team in Bemidji, MN. Our scribes work at the
Sanford Bemidji Medical Center!
We are offering both full time and part time positions.

As a scribe you will:
•Accompany the healthcare provider into patient examination rooms in order to transcribe the patients history, physical exam findings, consultations, labs, X-rays, and other evaluations, as stated by the provider, directly into the medical record
•Maintain a comprehensive list of active patients to help the provider remain organized
•Prepare plans for follow-up care, as directed by the provider
•Process admittal and discharge paperwork

This is NOT an internship or a volunteer opportunity. Scribing allows you to shadow healthcare providers and get paid doing it, while gaining rare clinical experiences that help you grow as a person and as a professional.

About PhysAssist Scribes, Inc.
Take your first steps towards your medical career - earn clinical hours, network with medical professionals, and learn how the emergency department works from the inside. Be A Scribe with PhysAssist Scribes!
PhysAssist Scribes is a medical scribe service that improves physicians professional and personal lives by giving them time to do what they do best – take care of patients. Our professional, highly trained scribes bring measurable value to physician groups and emergency departments (EDs) by improving workflow efficiencies and increasing documentation accuracy.
Employer Preferences
Minimum Cumulative GPA
• 2.8
Allowed School Years
• Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Alumni
PhysAssist Scribes, Inc.
Job Location:  
Bemidji, MN
Application Procedure:  
or contact Tryna Jackson for more information
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