Interpretive Park Ranger Internship Grand Teton National Park Summer 2018

Job Description:  
Grand Teton National Park is considered to be one of the crown jewels of the national park system, a system which preserves and protects natural and cultural resources and values for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations. Grand Teton National Park preserves the magnificent scenery of the Teton Range and much of the valley known as Jackson Hole, its surrounding landscapes, ecosystems, cultural and historic resources. Wildlife found in the park include moose, elk, bison, bears, wolves, coyotes, bald eagles, trumpeter swans and a variety of other animals. The park is located in northwestern Wyoming, just north of the town of Jackson, and just south of Yellowstone National Park.
Job Description:
Working in the field of natural and cultural interpretation consists of positions that deal directly with national park visitors. After completing a training session, the work involves answering questions at visitor centers and providing trip planning help at an information desk, researching, preparing, and presenting short guided walks and talks, presenting evening campfire talks, leading childrens programs, providing information to individuals you may encounter on trails or overlooks and completing a wide variety of special projects. Work in other divisions such as administration, resource management, visitor protection, and maintenance may be available to round out the internship experience.
Applicants must be college students, who have completed their junior year, or graduates with a solid academic background in a declared major field of study such as natural or physical sciences, history, education, communications, natural science interpretation, or recreation and resource management. An interest or experience in interpretation or environmental education, natural or cultural history would be helpful, but is not required. Applicants should have a strong interest in resource preservation and management, an ability to communicate ideas effectively, and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with others.
Interns work 5 days/week 8 hrs/day and receive a compensation of $14.07/hr. May work weekends and holidays. Housing will be provided with rent deducted from pay.
Educational Component
Interns will gain experience working in a national park in park interpretation. Interns will receive training and experience in customer service and interpretive techniques including visitor center operations, researching, preparing, and presenting short guided walks and talks, presenting evening campfire talks, leading childrens programs, providing information and interpretive opportunities to individuals at visitor centers, when presenting interpretive programs and during interpretive patrols. Interns will also gain an understanding of national park management.

Grand Teton National Park
Job Location:  
Northwestern Wyoming
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Application Procedure:  
The application deadline for summer internships is March 1, 2018. This position begins May 21, 2018 and runs at least 14 weeks, but may last through September 2018.

Submit a cover letter, a detailed resume which lists education, work experience, hobbies and other interests, the names and contact information of current or formal supervisors and for at least three references. College students or graduates should also include a college transcript (unofficial okay). Email all documents, as separate files, in PDF format to:

Email completed applications to:
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