Marketing and Warehouse Operations Associate

Job Description:  
 Help to ship, receive and inspect all products and services.
 Follow quality inspection and assurance rules and aviation requirements.
 Ensure and follow proper traceability requirements of aviation industry documentation.
 Assist in photographing and logging all products and services into GAR systems.
 Assisting in maintenance of warehouse and organization of aviation parts.
 Create and update inventory items on shelving in warehouse and label properly.
 Conduct aviation inventory item and validation counts from time to time.
 Learning the database system, Quantum, and general systems congruent to the aviation market.
 Assisting with internal and external audits and certification processes.
 Coordinate and follow-up on each shipping and receiving item processed per day.
 Work online to insure shipping parts and freight companies are delivering and receiving products.
 Market research concerning aviation parts availability, prices, and delivery for the sales team from time to time.
 Study the market regarding types of goods and products being changed, updated or modified.
 Conduct market research regarding repair facilities, their capabilities, and prices.
 Market research and evaluation of different niche products to ensure continual growth and product offering.
 Learn how to quote a customer and how to research and restore product line.
 Creating market awareness through positioning and promoting Global Aviation Resources to target customers.
 Assisting in general office functions with all team members: answering phones, transferring calls, sending emails, taking messages, and sending faxes.
 From time to time – visit FAA Repair station for certifications.
 AOG (Aircraft on the Ground) calls and needs from time to time.
 Repair capabilities and gaining knowledge in the industry.
 Bring innovation, motivation, positivity, and new ideas to team members.
 Look to improve processes of products and services and define goals for yourself.
 Build strong and creditable relationships with customers and airlines.
 Continual review and validation of costs that may involve a purchase order, exchange order, invoice, and repair.
 Maintain complete, accurate, and up-to-date shipping and receiving log.
 Ensure receipt of products meet standards of acceptance. Continual follow up on missing paperwork in timely manner.
 Extreme attention to detail, examining parts and products, and determining rejections of products.
 Learning the system of RMA – Return Material Authorizations.
 Conducting on average 40-50 daily sales calls to all of the target accounts, and utilizing consistent follow up and persuasion to gain customer acceptance.
 Establishing new airline accounts every quarter and targeting airlines and accounts in the global aviation marketplace, in order to develop solid business relationships.
 Assisting team in building solid clients and serving needs of customers
 Prepare weekly progress reports
 Creating and sending out marketing materials to customers
Global Aviation Resources
Job Location:  
West Des Moines, Iowa
Application Procedure:  
Please e-mail resumes to
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