Job Description:  
Persons 21 yrs+ to work with at-risk youth
(ages 10 - 18, male and female)
in a secure and residential setting;
HS diploma or GED required.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: (Any one position may not include all of the duties listed nor do the listed examples include all duties which may be found in positions of this class.)
1. Completes admission procedures as defined in policy manual, including health and mental health screenings, orientation to residents on expected behavior, appropriate searches, completion of forms, dispensing admission supplies, etc.
2. Contacts parents/guardians to inform them of their childs admission and reason for placement.
3. Completes a classification on each resident admission and documents concerns and resident behavior for review by Caseworker and Program Director.
4. Supervises resident population and redirects negative or inappropriate resident behavior, providing positive feedback on proper behavior.
5. Visits with residents, engages in casual conversation, provides assistance and guidance, attempts to calm fears and concerns; assists residents to make phone calls to parents and/or professionals who are involved in their programming.
6. Leads, supervises and participates in resident activities and programming.
7. Completes resident well-being checks and counts according to policy.
8. Maintains facility logs for routine and non-routine occurrences and documents resident behavior in appropriate files.
9. Initiates emergency procedures to ensure safety of residents, visitors and staff.

10. Completes release procedures of residents to ensure release conditions are met.
11. Completes incident reports and forwards them to Caseworker, Program Director and Deputy Director when circumstances warrant.
12. Initiates resident disciplinary actions when circumstances warrant and implements Restorative Justice Principles.
13. Oversees resident meal service and group dining.
14. Dispenses medication as ordered by physician of record; certifies that all medication delivery is accomplished according to policy and procedures.
15. Greets non-staff individuals requesting to enter the facility to verify credentials and purpose of visit. Escorts visitors and monitors them through departure from the facility.
16. Assists juveniles in completion of homework or group work assignments and oversees completion of tasks assigned.
17. Accompanies and/or transports juveniles for recreation, medical, placements or court appointments as required.
18. Demonstrates professionalism at all times when dealing with co-workers, residents, other agencies and the public.
19. Attends department staff meetings and trainings.
20. Assists other staff as necessary and other duties as assigned by Program Director and Deputy Director.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
 Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions and the ability to write clear and concisely reports/descriptions of events.
 Ability to understand in-service training and skills.
 Ability to maintain composure in high stress situations; to counsel, direct and control residents for their own safety and the safety of others.
 Ability to relate to juveniles, generally under crisis condition.
 Possess good communication skills with emphasis on listening skills, assertiveness and self-motivation.
 General knowledge of adolescent development and behavior, the Juvenile Justice System and an interest in behavioral sciences and family dynamics.
 Ability to work independently and with the team concept.

Physical conditions appropriate to individually perform transporting and handle physically confrontational situations.
 Must be physically able to climb stairs and lift objects of at least 50 lbs. with frequency.
 Must be able to bend and carry or assist carrying a body in an emergency situation.
 Must be able to handle physical confrontation between residents and assist in use of force to physically restrain residents if needed.
 Hearing and sight must be in normal range and be able to stand and walk for length of shift.
 Must attend and participate in training and meetings required by supervisor.
 Maintain CPR/1st Aid, Medication Certification and other required certifications.
 For part-time applicants, willingness and ability to take “call-in” hours is basic to consideration of full-time status.
 Minimum of 21 years of age;
 High School diploma or GED required;
 Two years education in social sciences or related field preferred;
 Prior work experience with juveniles preferred;
 Availability for part-time, on call hours and flexible scheduling is important.
 Must have reliable transportation, valid driver’s license and active automobile insurance coverage, unless waived by the Executive Director.
Job Location:  
Crookston, MN
Salary Range:  
Starting Salary: $14.51 per hour; Benefit package included
Application Procedure:  
TCCC Application Form & Job Description available by email
Application Deadline:  

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