Campus Safety & Security

Report an Injury


Whenever you become aware of any work-related injury or illness that requires medical care or lost time from work, you must report the injury or illness to Admin as soon as possible. The filing of this report is not an admission of liability. If your agency has access to SEMA4, this report must be entered into SEMA4. (See the Workers’ Compensation System User Guide Appendix A for Instructions on how to enter an FRI into SEMA4). If your agency does not have SEMA4, you must send your completed forms to Admin. The prompt filing of this report with Admin and the Department of Labor and Industry is required by law. The State of Minnesota is self-insured so there are 14 days to have the claim filed with the Department of Labor and Industry before becoming subject to penalties. You should file this report immediately with Admin using SEMA4 or if needed send the forms to Admin. This will allow Admin as much time as possible to investigate the claim based on the information you completed when filing the claim. Even if the claim is questionable, it is important that you report it promptly. If you question the claim, enter the information in the appropriate screen when filling in the claim information. Each case should also be recorded on your OSHA 300 log, if necessary. This form contains all items required by OSHA form 301.

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