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Nursing Concepts II

This course builds on the foundational knowledge gained from prerequisite nursing courses. Outcomes focus on expanding students¿ knowledge and exposing them to concepts of increased complexity. The course incorporates the nursing process and evidenced based care. Application of pathophysiology, nutrition and pharmacology are applied to specific exemplars. Concepts included are: fluid and electrolytes/acid base balance, gas exchange, perfusion, immunity/inflammation/infection, tissue integrity, elimination, mobility, metabolism/hormone regulation, sensory perception/intracranial pressure, reproductive, cellular regulation, and client education/promotion. Advanced exemplars related to nursing care are addressed within each concept. Skills included are: chest tube drainage, care for client with trach, wound drainage, remove wound/suture/staples/drainage devices, and neuro checks. Prerequisites: PNSG1250, PNSG1254, PNSG1258, PNSG1262, PNSG1266. Corequisites: PNSG1270, PNSG1274, PNSG1278, PNSG1286.

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