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Nursing Concepts I

This course introduces the health/illness concepts the Practical Nursing (PN) curriculum is based on, and the nursing concepts utilized in the provision of basic nursing care to a diverse population. The course incorporates the nursing process and evidenced based care. Application of pathophysiology, nutrition and pharmacology are applied to specific exemplars. Concepts included are fluid and electrolytes/acid base balance, gas exchange, perfusion, immunity/inflammation/infection, tissue integrity, elimination, mobility, sensory perception/intracranial pressure, metabolism/hormone regulation and client education/promotion. Introductory exemplars related to nursing care are addressed within each concept. Skills included are: blood glucose monitoring, medication administration, specimen collection, wound care and/or dressing change, irrigation of eyes/nose/ears, insert/maintain/remove urinary catheter, ostomies, set up sterile field, and catheter irrigation. Prerequisites: Admission to NCTC Practical Nursing Program, BIOL2252, BIOL2254, ENGL111, HLTH1106, MATH1003, HLTH1110.
Corequisites: PNSG1250, PNSG1254, PNSG1258, PNSG1266.

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