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Nursing Foundations

This course provides an introduction to theoretical foundation for focused assessment and nursing skills to diverse populations. The student is given an opportunity to demonstrate these skills in the laboratory setting. An introduction to the nursing process provides the student with a beginning framework for decision making. The key concepts of teamwork and collaboration, safety, quality improvement, professional identity /behavior, client/relationship centered care, nursing judgment/evidence based practice, managing care of the individual client skills, and informatics/technology are introduced. The skills included are: vital signs, oxygen saturation, focused physical assessment, circulatory checks, infection control, and documentation. Prerequisites: Admission to NCTC Practical Nursing Program, BIOL2252, BIOL2254, ENGL1111, HLTH1110, HLTH1106, MATH1003. Corequisites: PNSG1250, PNSG1258, PNSG1262, PNSG1266.

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