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Int Reading & Writing

This course is designed for students with Accuplacer Reading scores between 20-63. The course begins with a review of foundational reading and writing skills (vocabulary development, recognizing main ideas and supporting details, and writing grammatically correct sentences), followed by more advanced concepts. These include understanding and identifying tools authors use to organize information, learning to make reasonable inferences from assigned reading, and demonstrating paragraph-level writing skills in response to assigned reading and other topics.
Students with a B average or better after three-fourths of the semester may consult with their instructor about retaking the Accuplacer Reading Test to see if they could skip one or more developmental reading and writing courses prior to ENGL1111 Composition I. Students who test into a higher course would need to successfully complete the current course in which they were enrolled.
Students who complete this course with a C or better are eligible to enroll in ENGL0095 Advanced Reading & Writing.
Prerequisites: None.

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