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Semester: Fall Semester 2020-2021    Campus: Evening Classes    Last Updated: Sunday September 20th, 2020 - 7:05am

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BIOL - Biology
Subject Sec. Course Title Course ID Cr. Current
Days Times Dates Room Instructor  
BIOL–2252 09 Anatomy & Phys I 000126 3 22 24 T H 5pm – 6:50pm 8.24.20 – 10.14.20 EGF–252 Sarina Bauer
Course Notes: Hyflex/Hybrid-50%-Lectures meet as scheduled; Labs are virtual; 1st half
              T H 5pm – 6:50pm 8.24.20 – 10.14.20 EGF–254 Sarina Bauer  
BIOL–2254 05 Anatomy & Phys II 000132 3 24 24 T H 5pm – 6:50pm 10.19.20 – 12.17.20 EGF–250 Sarina Bauer
Anatomy & Phys II, Section 05, is FULL.       Add Course to Your Wait List
Course Notes: Hyflex/Hybrid-50%-Lectures meet as scheduled; Labs are virtual; 2nd half
              T H 5pm – 6:50pm 10.19.20 – 12.17.20 EGF–256 Sarina Bauer  

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