Welding Manufacturing Technology

  • Credits: 31
  • Degree Type: Diploma
  • Campus: Thief River Falls

Revised TRF Welding Program Available Fall 2021

Thief River Falls campus welding program is going through a redesign during the 2020-2021 academic year. The revised program curriculum will be available for students starting Fall 2021. Please visit our East Grand Forks campus welding technology program, which is accepting students.

Program Overview

This program is designed to prepare the student for entry to various types of manufacturing jobs that require welding. The student will be proficient at setting up welding machines and trouble-shooting common problems related to the welding process. The student will be trained in following written and verbal instructions for proper lay-out, tacking, and fabrication of weldments so those weldments will be within a given set of tolerances. The student will also be allowed to qualify with several types of welding processes following industry approved welding procedure specifications.

Employment Information

The employment outlook for graduates of the Welding Manufacturing Technology certificate is excellent. Graduates can expect to find full-time employment in production work, manufacturing, repair and maintenance, and the construction industry. Welding skills lend themselves to entrepreneurship and some welders go into business for themselves.

Career Outlook

Learn what occupations may be of interest to someone who has completed this program. Find information about wages and employement outlook.

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Program Course Listings

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Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credit(s)
CMAE 1514 Safety Awareness 2
CMAE 1518 Manufacture Process/Prod 2
CMAE 1522 Quality Practices 2
CMAE 1526 Maintenance Awareness 2
CRLT 2103 Job Seeking/Keeping 1
ENGL 1012 Applied Communications 3
HPER 1410 First Aid/CPR 1
WELD 1106 Flux Cored Arc Welding 2
WELD 1107 GTAW -- Alum & SS 3
WELD 1108 GMAW -- Manufacturing 4
WELD 1109 Weld Fabrication 4
WELD 1110 Blueprint Reading/Symbols 2
WELD 1123 Fabrication Math 2
WELD 1150 Weld Qualification 1

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