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Sales, Marketing, & Management

ACCT 1108 - Busn Math/Calculators

(Credits: 3)

Course Description:

This course covers how to make common business-related math calculations, and to apply the calculations to accounting and other business functions, using the touch system on the microcomputer ten-key pad.






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Program Course Listings

Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credits
ACCT 1108 Busn Math/Calculators 3 credits
BUSN 2210 Prin of Management 3 credits
BUSN 2218 Legal Environment Busn 3 credits
CPTR 1104 Intro to Computer Tech 3 credits
MKTG 1108 Customer Relations Mgmt 3 credits
MKTG 2116 Advertising 3 credits
MKTG 2120 Supervisory Leadership 3 credits
MKTG 2200 Prin of Marketing 3 credits
MKTG 2201 Prin of Sales 3 credits
MKTG 2205 Prin of Retailing 3 credits
MKTG 2304 Applied Sales Techniques 3 credits
MKTG 2306 Small Business Mgmt 3 credits
MKTG 2320 Marketing Management 3 credits
ENGL 1111 Composition I 3 credits
SOCI 1101 Intro to Sociology 3 credits
SPCH 1101 Intro to Public Speaking 3 credits
  G5: History/Social Elec ( *See Elective Options Listed Below ) 3 credits
  MN Transfer Curriculum Electives 3 credits
  Program Specific Electives ( *See Elective Course Options Listed Below ) 6 credits
TOTAL CREDITS: 60 credits

Program Specific Elective Course Options


Electives for this program may be selected from the following list of courses below. Need help? Schedule an appointment with a Northland Academic Advisor for assistance in selecting courses.

Course # Course Name Credits
ACCT 1100Prin of Bookkeeping 3 credits
ACCT 1104Payroll 3 credits
ACCT 1124Spreadsheet Concepts 3 credits
ADMS 1100Keyboarding I 3 credits
ADMS 1102Keyboarding II 3 credits
ADMS 1110Word Processing 3 credits
ADMS 1114Desktop Pub/Pres Graph 3 credits
ADMS 1116Business Communications 3 credits
ADMS 1120Office Procedures 3 credits
BIOL 2252Anatomy & Phys I 3 credits
BIOL 2254Anatomy & Phys II 3 credits
BUSN 2221Prin of Accounting I 4 credits
BUSN 2222Prin of Accounting II 4 credits
CPTR 1128Help Desk Concepts 3 credits
CPTR 1136Networking I 4 credits
CPTR 1500Intro Web Concepts 3 credits
CRLT 2103Job Seeking/Keeping 1 credits
HPER 1410First Aid/CPR 1 credits
MKTG 2300Marketing Research 3 credits
MKTG 2900Internship I 3 credits
MKTG 2920Internship II 3 credits
SSCI 1101Human Relations 3 credits

History/Social Science Electives

ECON 2201Microeconomics 3 credits
ECON 2202Macroeconomics 3 credits

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