Precision Agriculture Equipment Technician

  • Credits: 60
  • Degree Type: A.A.S.
  • Campus: Thief River Falls

Program Learner Outcomes

1. Demonstrate effective oral and written communications with respect for diversity of culture, age and gender in business situations.
2. Perform assembly, repair, operation, and adjustment of machinery and power units utilizing proper tooling.
3. Apply reference materials and procedures to conduct diagnostic troubleshooting and repair of tractors and agricultural equipment.
4. Describe common components and functionality of farm equipment including engine mechanics, hydraulic, electrical and drive systems.
5. Demonstrate proper use and function of test equipment for the operation and maintenance of tractors and agricultural equipment.
6. Demonstrate basic understanding of AC and DC circuit terminology and the relationship in basic circuit operations.
7. Describe computer hardware, software and diagnostic procedures and employ computer maintenance principles.
8. Integrate technological applications appropriate to current business needs.
9.Define OSHA safety standards and safety principles utilized in agricultural equipment maintenance operations and perform work using appropriate safety practices.
10. Demonstrate the ability to use and understand agricultural
terms and technology.
11. Understand agronomic fundamentals in soils, plant and water
12. Demonstrate an ability and understanding of GPS and GIS systems and be able to map field boundaries and to use agricultural technology (e.g. Variable Rate Technology VRT) in field situations.
13. Demonstrate job readiness, work place and develop necessary teamwork skills required for time employment after graduation.
14. Analyze data from various precision agriculture platforms and be able to
prepare clear and concise verbal and written recommendations.
15. Locate current information from various sources to solve technical problems by the utilization of critical thinking skills.
16. Demonstrate basic diagnostic and repair concepts applied to selected hydraulic and electronic components and systems utilizing the ISO
information standards and procedures.
17. Identify the functional relationship between tractors, combines,
sprayers, air seeders, fertilizer applicators and other precision ag products, with diesel engines, electronics and hydraulic equipment components and systems.